A Place I Like to Go

Author: Ed

Website: http://eds-autism-blog.blogspot.com

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Series unspecified, rated G.

Summary: A place too often forgotten…


There is a beautiful place. It’s quiet and peaceful. I’m as alone there as I’ve ever been, and I’m never lonely when I’m there.

Everyone there knows everything about all the problems in the world and still senses how right things are.

Every side to every issue is completely understood and no one argues. Every aspect of the environment is respected, and every aspect of every animal is appreciated.

This place does not exist without human weaknesses but in spite of them. Frailty of the human spirit is not only understood but treated with kindness and encouragement and there is healing.

Opinions are fleeting. They occur like the water that passes over stones and makes them smooth.

Each individual struggles to survive but there is no need for dominance. All important matters are ultimately decided by the common compassion that we share rather than intellectual debates.

We find great relief in the humor of how we used to begin with how passionate we felt about the most important issues on earth and some of the places that our passions took us….and we laugh and laugh and laugh and laugh.

The issues we debated were the result of the most cold and evil kind of thinking that we saw in others but somehow we thought that if one kind of thinking was the problem then there must be an opposing line of thought that solved the problem. Somehow we were fooled into believing that we owned thoughts.

We had divided schools of thought like we divided land. We bought it, sold it, and allowed dominant thinkers to decide its value. Somehow it seemed worth it if we could save lives and reduce suffering. But the more we argued our thoughts became enslaved by our emotions. They became less rational and the values that we placed on our personal human expressions became more important than the human expressions we were trying to preserve and celebrate in the first place.

We thought and we felt. We thought about what we felt and then we explored the feelings that our thoughts had prompted.

The first time someone said, “I was wrong and I’m sorry” they were seen to be picking their battles. However, as time went on, all battles became more fleeting and compassion became more of our conscience thought patterns. We found ways to show love for what we saw, and the love we found ways to show didn’t really require that much thinking at all.

Not only did our compassion find ways of smoothing the sharp edges of our words, but the better ways that we said things created healing within ourselves.

None of who we were as people was lost, and the issues that we defined our position on were no less serious and no less in need of the efforts we made to resolve them.

But there was this place we could go that we had forgotten about. At first there was grief over what we had sacrificed with our approach and then…. we all experienced joyful laughter as we realized where we were.