The Original Series

The stories listed below are suitable for readers of all ages, with parental guidance indicated as shown in the coding. Visit Trekiverse for information about standard codes used in Star Trek fanfic story descriptions.

  • The Peeps in the Dark

    TOS: Kirk, Spock, Peeps: rated PG. (5K)
    What evil truly lurks in that mining colony's tunnels?

  • A Bonnie Lass

    TOS: Scotty: drabble: rated G. (1K)
    Scotty contemplates the Enterprise-A.
    **Second Place TOS General Drabble, 2005-06 ASC Awards**

  • Petrified Peeps

    TOS: Kirk, Chekov, Peeps: drabble: rated PG. (1K)
    This time Kirk gets to torment the Peeps, rather than the other way around.

  • Shanghai Shimmer

    TOS: Kirk, Sulu, Uhura: rated PG. (21K)
    Karate lessons give Uhura more confidence... perhaps too much more.
    This is an OPI Nail Polish Challenge story.

  • The Trouble with Peeps

    TOS: general humor: rated G. (4K)
    Tribbles will eat anything, even Peeps.

  • Tableau

    TOS: Kirk, Peeps: rated PG. (6K)
    Kirk tries to escape Peeps on a tropical planet.

  • Ode to a Ripped Shirt

    TOS: Kirk: rated PG. (2K)
    A shirtless Kirk sonnet. Need I say more?
    **Second Place TOS Filk/Poem, 2004-05 ASC Awards**

  • If Shakespeare Wrote Star Trek

    TOS: general: rated PG. (3K)
    A Star Trek adventure in iambic pentameter, complete with the obligatory alien strumpet for our dear Captain.
    **Second Place TOS Challenge, 2000-01 ASC Awards**

  • Doomed Request

    TOS: Kirk, Peeps: drabble: rated PG. (1K)
    Kirk makes what seems a reasonable request.

  • Peeping Jim

    TOS: Kirk, Peeps: drabble: rated PG. (1K)
    Kirk tries to distract the author from Peeps stories. A sequel to "Doomed Request."

  • Scarlett’s Conquest

    TOS/Gone with the Wind xover: Kirk/Scarlett: rated PG. (24K)
    A handsome captain crash-lands on Scarlett's plantation.
    **First Place MIS Crossover, 2002-03 ASC Awards**

  • Werewolves of Vulcan

    TOS: Uhura, Chapel: rated PG. (15K)
    Uhura and Chapel decide to go for a moonlight hike during a shore leave on Vulcan. Not a good idea.
    Also included is a filk of "Werewolves of London."

  • Rock Candy

    TOS: Kirk, McCoy, Horta: drabble: rated G. (1K)
    Kirk finds an unorthodox way to help McCoy care for his Horta patient -- with Peeps, naturally.
    **Second Place TOS Drabble, 2003-04 ASC Awards**

  • Not Logical

    TOS/DS9: Spock & T'Pring: rated PG. (3K)
    Spock has a chance meeting with T'Pring a hundred years later. This was inspired by Rabble Rouser's outstanding story "Sympathy for the Devil," which describes T'Pring's point of view and should be read before this story.

  • Song of the World’s End

    TOS: Spock: rated G. (7K)
    "The Voyage Home" from the point of view of the male humpback whale, who wouldn't mind if humans became extinct. Spock has to convince him that Earth is worth saving.

  • Original Series – Mature Themes

    Other TOS stories that involve adult characters in intimate relationships can be found in the Mature Themes section. Not all of this material is explicit; however, it is meant for an older audience. Minors, please do not follow this link without parental permission.