The stories listed below are suitable for readers of all ages, with parental guidance indicated as shown in the coding. Visit Trekiverse for information about standard codes used in Star Trek fanfic story descriptions.

  • Makeover

    VOY/What Not to Wear xover: Seven of Nine: rated PG. (6K)
    Clinton and Stacy from What Not to Wear have a few things to say about Seven's unfashionable catsuit. A response to Rocky's uniform challenge.
    **First Place MIS Crossover, 2003-04 ASC Awards**

  • A Healer’s Hands

    VOY: Kes/Danara Pel: rated PG. (11K)
    Kes gives the Vidiian doctor Danara Pel a reason to live. (Although this story is coded with a slash, it can be read either as a friendship story or one with romantic overtones.)
    **Third Place VOY General Pairing, 2003-04 ASC Awards**

  • Nomad’s Dream

    VOY: Paris/Torres: rated PG. (11K)
    B'Elanna has bad dreams during "Workforce." A response to the OPI Nail Polish Challenge, in which the title is taken from the name of a nail polish color.
    **First Place VOY Paris/Torres Pairing, 2003-04 ASC Awards**

  • Refugee Camp Voyager

    VOY sixth season: a general story with some het pairings (I'm not telling): rated PG. (334K)
    Janeway agrees to grant political asylum aboard Voyager to a group of five hundred Borg rebels, including Seven of Nine's mother.

  • Imprinted

    VOY: Janeway/Chakotay, EMH/Seven: rated PG. (21K)
    Seven and Doc conspire to give Janeway a very unexpected gift.
    **First Place VOY Multiple Pairing, 2002-03 ASC Awards**

  • A Sorry State of Affairs

    VOY: Janeway/Chakotay (sorta), Chakotay/Seven, Kim/Seven, EMH: rated PG. (16K)
    All is not well with Chakotay and Seven. A response to Boadicea's "make sense of it" challenge.

  • Janeway’s New Toy

    VOY/Toy Story xover: Janeway, Torres, Paris, Buzz Lightyear: drabble: rated G. (1K)
    Voyager finds something very strange adrift in space.
    **Second Place MIS Drabble, 2000-01 ASC Awards**

  • Now I’m Really Pissed

    VOY: Janeway, Torres, Borg Queen: drabble: rated PG. (1K)
    Alternative ending for "Unimatrix Zero." Assimilation is bad enough, but the Borg Queen had better watch out when Janeway realizes there's no coffee in the Collective.

  • Mob Rule

    VOY: drabble: rated G. (1K)
    Post-election (US 2000) silliness. A response to monkee's story Counting the Chads.

  • Voyager – Mature Themes

    Other VOY stories that involve adult characters in intimate relationships can be found in the Mature Themes section. Not all of this material is explicit; however, it is meant for an older audience. Minors, please do not follow this link without parental permission.