The Next Generation

The stories listed below are suitable for readers of all ages, with parental guidance indicated as shown in the coding. Visit Trekiverse for information about standard codes used in Star Trek fanfic story descriptions.

  • Unworthy of Assimilation

    TNG/Simpsons xover: general: rated PG. (19K)
    To the dismay of both Picard and Locutus, Bart Simpson is running loose on the Enterprise during "The Best of Both Worlds."
    **Second Place MIS Crossover, 2003-04 ASC Awards**

  • Letting Down the Race

    TNG: Troi, Barclay: rated G. (7K)
    Reg Barclay doesn't want Counselor Troi to know that he's afraid some of his shipmates might see him as a failure because of his hol-addiction.
    **Second Place TNG General Story, 2003-04 ASC Awards**

  • Casualties

    TNG: Picard: rated PG. (2K)
    One year after the Borg attack, Captain Picard reflects.

  • The Prosecution’s Evidence

    TNG: Picard, Q, Osama bin Laden: rated PG. (8K)
    Q presents a final exhibit in the prosecution of Picard and crew for the crimes and depravity of the human species.

  • The Relevance of Hope

    TNG: Picard: rated PG. (28K)
    Picard discovers that he has a Borg daughter.
    **First Place TNG General Story, 2000-01 ASC Awards**

  • Imperfection

    TNG: Lucienne Picard: rated PG. (21K)
    A subversive act occurs in the Borg Collective. A sequel to "The Relevance of Hope."
    **Third Place TNG General Story, 2001-02 ASC Awards**

  • The Institute

    TNG: Picard: rated PG. (15K)
    Picard visits a veterans' hospital for ex-Borg. A sequel to "Imperfection" and "The Relevance of Hope."
    **First Place TNG General Story, 2003-04 ASC Awards**

  • Ballot Recount on Risa

    TNG: Picard, Riker, Troi: rated G. (3K)
    The vote for Federation President is evenly split, and a hand recount on Risa will determine the outcome of the election.

  • Next Generation – Mature Themes

    Other TNG stories that involve adult characters in intimate relationships can be found in the Mature Themes section. Not all of this material is explicit; however, it is meant for an older audience. Minors, please do not follow this link without parental permission.