Deep Space Nine

The stories listed below are suitable for readers of all ages, with parental guidance indicated as shown in the coding. Visit Trekiverse for information about standard codes used in Star Trek fanfic story descriptions.

  • Revision

    ENT/DS9: Archer, Benny Russell: rated PG. (8K)
    An alternate Archer based on the gutless wonder we saw in Enterprise's "Cogenitor" meets Benny Russell from the DS9 episode "Far Beyond the Stars."

  • Damar’s Conscience

    DS9: Damar: rated PG. (4K)
    Damar has a midnight conversation with the ghost of Ziyal.

  • Atonement

    TNG/DS9: Ro Laren, Miles O'Brien, Molly O'Brien: rated PG. (55K)
    After the Dominion War, Ro Laren and Miles O'Brien both are tormented by memories of their past misdeeds and must confront their personal demons.

  • Where Evil Was Defeated

    DS9: original characters: rated PG. (6K)
    A Bajoran ambassador visiting New York gives a history lesson to one of Earth's junior diplomats.

  • Guide

    DS9: Kasidy: rated PG. (7K)
    Stranded in an alien desert, Kasidy finds help from an unexpected source.

  • The Horde

    DS9/Independence Day xover: general: rated PG. (14K)
    Sisko's got a problem. Those bad-ass aliens from "Independence Day" are back, and this time they want Bajor.

  • Follicles

    DS9: Sisko/Kasidy: rated G. (4K)
    Kasidy doesn't care for Ben Sisko's new hairstyle, among other things.
    **First Place DS9 General Pairing, 2003-04 ASC Awards**

  • Sisko’s Scandalous Past

    DS9: Sisko & Jadzia Dax: drabble: rated G. (1K)
    A drabble based on US political shenanigans.

  • Deep Space Nine – Mature Themes

    Other DS9 stories that involve adult characters in intimate relationships can be found in the Mature Themes section. Not all of this material is explicit; however, it is meant for an older audience. Minors, please do not follow this link without parental permission.