Deep Space Nine – Mature Themes

The stories in this section are intended for mature readers only. All pairings are between adults, whether human or otherwise. Visit Trekiverse for information about standard codes used in Star Trek fanfic story descriptions.

  • Decorations

    DS9: Kira/Ziyal: rated PG-13. (4K)
    Kira is alone at Christmas.

  • Free Association

    DS9: Dax/Lenara: rated R. (6K)
    Jadzia Dax takes shore leave to think about what's important in her life after her girlfriend Lenara (from "Rejoined") won't defy Trill custom to stay with her.
    **First Place DS9 General Pairing, 2004-05 ASC Awards**

  • Misplaced

    DS9/Marnie xover: Jadzia/Marnie: rated R. (31K)
    A British thief in 1961 has a brief encounter with a time-traveling Trill.

  • Talons of Night

    DS9/Pitch Black xover: Garak/Bashir: rated PG-13. (12K)
    When their shuttlecraft malfunctions, Garak and Bashir have to make an emergency landing on a planet where the resident raptors are looking for a midnight snack.
    **Third Place MIS Crossover, 2000-01 ASC Awards**

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