The Mary Sue Fest

Why should Kirk and Spock have all the fun? We can’t slight the most beautiful, brilliant, and indispensible member of Starfleet, can we? Of course this means our very favorite character ever — MARY SUE! For those who have not yet made her acquaintance, Mary Sue saves the universe, is adored by all for her flawless beauty, has a love affair with the author’s favorite character, and otherwise reflects the author’s personal fantasies without the bother of putting together a logical plot.

Around the year 2000, there were several “Fest” websites that featured romantic stories involving a particular character or group of characters within a fandom. Authors would either choose a specific pairing between the featured character and another character they liked, or the administrator might assign random pairings to make it more of a challenge. Although Mary Sue isn’t a real character, some of us decided that after so many heroic accomplishments, it just wouldn’t be fair to deny her the opportunity to have her own Fest. This one didn’t last very long (from November 2001 to April Fool’s Day, 2002), but the authors hope you’ll enjoy the stories anyway.

Disclaimer: Of course, Mary Sue would never dream of infringing any copyrights. Star Trek and its characters belong to Paramount.

The stories in this section are intended for mature readers only. All pairings are between adults, whether human or otherwise. Visit Trekiverse for information about standard codes used in Star Trek fanfic story descriptions.