Next Generation – Mature Themes

The stories in this section are intended for mature readers only. All pairings are between adults, whether human or otherwise. Visit Trekiverse for information about standard codes used in Star Trek fanfic story descriptions.

  • Hollow Harem Honor

    TOS/TNG: Natira/Yar: rated R. (9K)
    Tasha, kidnapped by the Ligonians in "Code of Honor," finds herself in a harem presided over by Natira from the TOS episode "For the World is Hollow, And I Have Touched the Sky."
    **Third Place MIS Combined General Story, 2004-05 ASC Awards**

  • It’s a Long Way to Eden

    TNG: Beverly Crusher/Brenna O'Dell: rated PG-13. (18K)
    The colonists from TNG's "Up the Long Ladder" decide to resettle on the planet known as Eden in the TOS episode "The Way to Eden."
    **Second Place TNG General Pairing, 2004-05 ASC Awards**

  • Bodyguard

    TNG/Star Wars xover: Troi/Amidala: rated R. (19K)
    Padme Amidala finds new uses for Deanna Troi's skills in a galaxy far, far away.

  • An Indecent Anij-dote

    TNG: Anij/Borg Queen/Mary Sue: rated R. (31K)
    The Borg Queen hasn't had enough lately, Anij tries to help her feel better, and Ensign Mary Sue gets quite an education.

  • The Assimilation of Captain La Forge

    TNG: Silva/f: rated NC-17. (29K)
    Taken captive by the Borg, with all hope lost, Captain Silva La Forge and one of her female officers engage in a very unconventional method of resistance in the assimilation chamber. (What would you do in your last few minutes of human existence?)

  • Twice into the Same River

    TNG/VOY: Janeway/Silva: rated R. (33K).
    Sequel to "The Assimilation of Captain La Forge." After seven years in the Borg Collective, Silva La Forge is rescued and tries to adjust to a new life aboard Voyager, with some tender loving care from Janeway.

  • In the Moment

    TNG/VOY: Vash/Kes: rated R. (9K)
    Vash takes a break from tomb-raiding to give Kes a few lessons in spontaneity, as well as a few other things.

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