Original Series – Mature Themes

The stories in this section are intended for mature readers only. All pairings are between adults, whether human or otherwise. Visit Trekiverse for information about standard codes used in Star Trek fanfic story descriptions.

  • Interview with the Peep

    TOS: Kirk/female vampire, Peep: rated PG-13. (10K)
    Kirk's sex addiction lands him in an unfortunate situation with a vampire in a black minidress.

  • Symbiosis

    TOS: Kirk/Rand/Grapefruit/Horta/tribble, Peeps: rated R. (15K)
    The captain falls under the influence of a passionate, intoxicating alien grapefruit.
    **Third Place TOS Humor, 2004-05 ASC Awards**

  • Catfight in a Hot Vulcan Desert

    TOS/ENT: Chapel/T'Pol, Chapel/T'Pring, Kirk/Spock: rated R. (16K)
    A trashy, mud-wrestling, catsuited catfight between T'Pol and T'Pring, two rivals for Christine Chapel's affections.

  • Rocky Road

    TOS: Kirk/Horta female: rated NC-17. (4K)
    Guest summary by Jungle Kitty:
    "Kirk did the horta. And liked it. Well, sorta."

  • Ladies’ Man

    TOS: Kirk, Spock, Hortas: rated PG-13. (8K)
    Horny Hortas are after Kirk. This story is a sequel to "Rocky Road."

  • Unthinkable Fate

    TOS: Kirk/Hortas, non-consensual; Peeps: rated PG-13. (5K)
    Kirk suffers the ultimate indignity. This story is a sequel to "Ladies' Man."

  • Hortas, Tribbles and Gorns, Oh My!

    TOS/TNG: Kirk, Picard, Robert Picard: rated PG-13. (8K)
    Picard tells his brother Robert the true story of Kirk's disappearance. This story is a sequel to "Unthinkable Fate."

  • The Peeps from the Peach Lagoon

    TOS: Uhura, monsters: rated PG-13. (5K)
    When Peeps get into a peach bubble bath on the Enterprise, the result is not a pretty sight.

  • Roses are Red, Valentines are Butch

    TOS: Uhura/Vixis: rated NC-17. (14K)
    Uhura discovers that Vixis wants more than just romantic poetry for Valentine's Day.

  • This Time of the Month

    TOS: Kirk/Horta female: drabble: rated R. (1K)
    More Kirk and Horta silliness. A response to Jungle Kitty's condom challenge.
    **Second Place TOS Drabble, 2002-03 ASC Awards**

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