Cybernetic Cadet 3: First Impressions

Cadet Corayna Xelmi, known as Corrie to her friends back home on Betazed, sat in freshman astrophysics class paying very little attention to the droning professor. Given that all classes were recorded for later study, the cadets’ physical attendance seemed no more than a pointless anachronism to her.

Of course, there were certain benefits to it, such as the opportunity to check out the cuter guys in the class. Well, she couldn’t be blamed for the fact that Betazoid females had certain strong natural instincts, and she’d always believed in making the most of one’s natural strengths.

Didn’t look like much to choose from, though, she decided with a mental sigh. Most of the class consisted of humans, with their woefully undisciplined minds, and Vulcans who hadn’t yet reached full physical maturity. And of all things, there was a Borg drone standing to one side of the room. Not exactly her idea of the perfect mate.

Then again, maybe Borg males had some talents she hadn’t fully considered, such as the ability to reconfigure their anatomy in unusual and interesting ways. She took a closer look at the drone. Interesting suit of armor he was wearing in place of a uniform. Of course, she had seen quite a variety of intergalactic fashions, but this certainly had to be among the strangest.

The bell rang, and the students filed out of the classroom. Corrie took the opportunity to walk behind the Borg, checking out the rear view. Yeah, even under the weird suit of armor, he wasn’t bad looking. And in a way, the armor was kind of cute.

She wondered if he had ever dated a woman. Didn’t seem very probable. The Collective wasn’t exactly known as a hot spot for romance. Although she didn’t know how long he had been in the Federation, she doubted that would make much difference. Human females wouldn’t be at all interested in a drone. They were as picky as pampered house cats when it came to choosing romantic partners. It was a mystery how the human species had managed to reproduce in sufficient numbers to survive.

Most likely, that Borg was the most inexperienced male to be found at Starfleet Academy, if you didn’t count Vulcans still going through puberty. Chances were, he didn’t even have a clue what he was missing on the female front. She decided it would be a very interesting challenge indeed, finding out what could be done with him. And Corayna Xelmi had always enjoyed a good challenge.